‘Much About Nothing’ is a book of poetry which I extracted from Volume 3 of the Mystical Adventure Series titled: ‘Peace in the Midst of Mental Terrorism. It is a memoir. Hopefully, the readers will gain some surprising insights and perhaps some inspiration and information to aid them on their own journey to Ultimate Truth.


‘Peace in the Midst of Mental Terrorism’ is Volume 3  of Mary Ming’s Mystical Adventure series. As powers that be on the mental realm never give up in the battle field to keep Mary from proceeding on with her projects, Mary continues to explain in writing how the positive powers or higher powers fend off the opposing forces. No one is left standing but one, in the realm of Mary’s Mind.  Mental Terrorism is also called by most people, Spiritual Warfare. But as Mary has explained, Pure Spirit and Soul does not wage any kind of war and is not a violent force. It is only the egos of the Minds who want to remain the elites of Spirituality and certain Religions who are competitive and jealous and will resort to any fair and foul means to stay on top. They rule the humanity using legions of conduits or disciples or their soldiers of Mental Wars i.e. Spiritual Warfare.


The poetry in  ‘The Shaolin Wind of Soul’ was taken from Volume 2 in the ‘Mystical Adventure Series’ titled: ‘The Adventures of Kuan Yin into the 21st Century, and the Hindrances on the Way to the Beloved’. It is a memoir which describes some of the opposition and obstacles Mary Ming encountered during her Mystical Journey to finding and experiencing Truth. The poetry sheds light on many highly controversial, and age-old topics that humankind has questioned for eons of time.  It is advanced Mysticism that was gained solely from having experiences of a Mystical Nature. Is there really such a thing as Spiritual Warfare?  What is Spiritual Warfare, and why are there Spiritual wars when the Soul is all goodness and Light?  This brings up the thought process, perhaps there is no Spiritual Warfare, but a war of minds and egos and Mental Terrorism. It is hoped that the reader will have their thought processes heightened, and they will gain new vistas, and gain some amount of inspiration and truth for themselves.  Mystical Truths are only real when one experiences it for oneself. Otherwise, it is just a belief system that one has adopted from reading and memorizing what someone else has written or spoken of.


‘Flying Without Wings is a Poetry book which was originally written in Mary Ming’s Volume 1 in her ‘The Mystical Adventures Series’, titled: “The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan”.  These poems are based purely on Mary’s personal inner experiences of a Mystical Nature, and is likened to Flying Without Wings.

The poems were made into a separate book with the hopes that the reader will gain some deep insights into the questions that have plagued humankind for eons of time.  It is another perspective from someone who is speaking strictly from experience, and not memorization of knowledge written in books. It is for each individual to experience what is Truth for themselves. This book is merely a sharing of one individual, her experiences.





A Vision of a Visionary


40″H x 60″W Original Acrylic Painting


by Mary Ming

 I see all humans getting enough to eat

 And live in comfortable dwelling places.

 Plenty of clothes to wear

 I see everyone caring, sharing and giving.

 I see them being loving,

 Kind, gentle and sweet.

 There is peace on Earth.

 Wars cease to exist.

 Wars were of the negative age

 Which is long past and

 Earth is healing.

 Humans have love and respect for

 Mother Earth and her Soul…

 Which is

 The presence and power of Nature.

 I see humans turning within themselves

 And choosing the good side.

 I see humans

 Growing beautiful gardens

 With edible plants…

 Fragrant flowers and trees…

 Making the entire planet

 Have a sweet fragrance.

 Looking far into the future

 When humans have ceased to be…

 The Earth has become a crystalline planet

 With an inner sun glowing

 And luminescent…

 The mountains of pure crystals and gems

 Rise up high into the blue sky

 Red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green…

 Mountains of solid gems

 And all the precious metals

 Are restored within

 The Planet and Earth can

 Communicate again to Mother Universe.

 From space it looks like a floating

Flower made of glowing crystal

 And all the planets

 In the physical universes

 Have become flower-like crystals

 Of various colors.

 The glowing flowers crystals

 Floating in the universe

 Illuminates the space

 And turns the Universe

 To a Beautiful Blue Universe

 Like a blue ocean

 With flowers floating on it.

 We have the power to envision

 Whatever we like

 If one believes and visualizes…

 One can manifest any reality.

 I choose to envision only the good

 And the beautiful.

The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan

The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan: A Mystical Thriller – This 397 page of Mary’s memoir starts out telling of her physical life, but it is not too long before it she explains of her mystical spiritual journey and experience.

Before Mary’s Spiritual Master dies, He appoints a successor. The successor recognizes Mary’s true identity in the Spiritual Realms. The successor and legions of negative forces deploy every means to keep Mary from coming to her own awareness.

The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan: A Mystical Thriller describes how Positive Powers use the conduit Mary to express their insights, and manifest their vision of reality on Earth. Mary is saved from death by them. The reader will come to understand and be inspired about their own true identity.

Mary’s life is unusual right from the beginning years as she experiences at the young age of two or three of being trapped in her body and vows to herself that this life would be her last being confined to a physical body. Mary’s first Spiritual experience or vision was at the age of 4 or 5, a vision which she never forgot and what it meant.

She experienced devastating loneliness when her mother left her at Angella Orphanage in 1964. Even after she was adopted and brought to America and there was plenty of food, clothes and a warm shelter, Mary could not take life at face value. She was compelled to know why she existed and what was the true meaning of life.

As a teenager, after much seeking, she found a Spiritual Path that promised all the answers if she would attend to the disciplines and devote herself wholeheartedly with faith to the Spiritual Master. She had wonderful and profound experiences until her Master passed away and he left a successor to take his place.

Her experiences spiraled down-hill during the successor’s reign. She was severely attacked on the psychic-mental level first by him, and then a host of other entities of a very negative nature. Mary experienced hell. It was because she experienced such intense, painful attacks by the negative powers that caused her and her Master to ascend to the furthest reaches of the Universes.

Then Mary experienced consciousness and energies of the most profound, pure and good vibrations and visions. She experiences her Oneness with all life and Universes, planets, suns, and all good beings. She has direct perception and communications Mother Nature and with her Ancient Ancestors, the Chinese Empresses and feels the beautiful presences of the Imperial China and what the true purpose was for having Imperial China.

She realizes that Goddess Kuan Yin was always with her and she was a conduit for that Divine Intelligence. Mary experiences as what she describes as God-Realization or Totality. Her writings describe what the ultimate truth is based on her experiences and what is the final frontier of those who seek ultimate truth. Is it to claim one is God? She describes what the true meaning of Surrender is in the final stages. She describes the obstacles of the mind and ego.

She concludes the book with a series of poems of insights which was inspired by the higher consciousness and energies. She has also displayed some of her divine visionary paintings in the art gallery section. The book is a wealth of inspiration and wisdom. The book will send the reader on an emotional roller coaster. It is a real page-turner.



‘Mysterious Quiet Observer’

40′ by 30′ Original in Acrylic


By Mary Ming


  I invite the reader to try and understand

 That it is the Spirit/Soul

 That matters.

 Spirit is not bound by any

 Rules and regulations of any holy book

 It is the mind that needs monitoring and discipline.

 The Soul is already perfect

 And it can never be anything but perfect

 It is the drop of Infinite Intelligence.

 Those who want to advance

 Toward Eternal Truth are being asked

 To have tolerance for those who have faith

 In religions or belief systems other than their own.

 Graduate from religions to pure Spirituality

 Or the Mystic Path. 

 That is the next step.

 All enlightened beings will tell you the same.

 They do not play ‘Gods’

 But invite people to find their own divinity within.

 All Souls are the Infinite Being’s Child

 Without exception

 All Souls are equal in Spirit

 It is only the varying degrees of mind

 That would have separation

 And dissention

 And superiority and inferiority complexes.

 Once again, I assert

 To advance towards Going Home

 One must give up religious intolerance.


This is a poem written in the next book to be released in late 2017

‘The Adventures of Kuan Yin Into the 21st Century’